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"Jamming with the crew, October 7th, 2004"

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Title   Participants   Jam date
Comping up the Chimney Now   Richard, Eric, Kathy   September 13, 2005 (14 meg)
Soft Chair - poped   Richard, Eric, Kathy   September 13, 2005 (6 meg)
Wazoom   Richard (violin/percussion/electronics, Eric (guitar), Kathy (double bass/percussion)
(Don't know who rang the phone, not a visible participant :)
  April 20, 2005 (3 meg)
Marsalla Zong   Richard, Eric, Kathy   April 20, 2005 (10 meg)
Curvet   Richard, Eric, Kathy, Dave, Duncan   September 30, 2004
Numero Uno   Richard, Eric, Kathy, Dave, Duncan, Keith   May 14, 2004